To Gathering:
On Your Terms

On Your Terms (a work-in-progress) will comprise the final stage of the To Gathering series. On Your Terms examines and experiments with the act of hosting through a lens of power, agency, and inclusion. It comprises a series of gatherings, which are each curated and hosted by individuals who come from a range of backgrounds, and who inhabit various positionalities. The individuals take turns being hosts and guests, understanding how their own power, agency, and sense of inclusion shifts with their roles.

Through On Your Terms, we deconstruct the act of hosting, providing a structure and method in which the host’s own agency and power can expand. We aim to develop a pedagogy of hosting, an evolving methodology to guide collaborations, through the lens of hosting. We will be experimenting with this evolving framework during the various gatherings as part of On Your Terms. The insights and reflections developed from this process will inform the creation of a research publication.

On Your Terms is supported by Goethe-Institut Singapore.

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